Can You Erect Scaffolding On A Listed Building?

Are you wondering whether scaffolding can be erected on a listed building? We answer that question in this post.
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One of the biggest questions asked by people across the UK when it comes to scaffolding is if they’re allowed to have scaffolding erected if their building is listed. And so if you’ve found yourself wondering the same thing, today we’re going to clear everything up. So before we dive into it.

What is a listed building?

First, let’s have a look at what exactly is classified as a ‘listed‘ building. Buildings that are listed are usually of historic or architectural significance.

The likelihood of a building being listed increases the older the building is. If you live in a historic building/house and you don’t know whether your building is listed you can find out by searching the list on The National Heritage List for England’s website by clicking here. Although the specific number of listed buildings in the UK isn’t quite known it’s estimated to be over 500,000.

Is erecting scaffolding on listed buildings different?

The reason why the process of erecting scaffolding on listed buildings is different is that if they aren’t erected correctly they could end up causing significant or irreparable damage to the building. Not to mention if the damage is repairable the cost that will either fall to the scaffolding company or the landlord of the property.

Either way, the situation ends up badly for both parties. So scaffolding can be erected on listed buildings and the process itself of setting up the scaffolding isn’t that much different to that of non-listed buildings.

Care and attention is paramount

The main difference, however, is that a lot more care and attention needs to be paid during the setting up of the scaffold. Also due to the architecture of some listed buildings, the design of the scaffolding itself needs to be tailored.

Both industrial and domestic buildings can find themselves on the list. Even if you consider your property to not be old if it is of local significance at the very least you will want to check to see if it is listed.

Properties find themselves on the list either through the application by the landlord or by the local authorities.

Do I need a permit to erect scaffolding on a listed building?

There is no permit needed to erect scaffolding on listed buildings unless it is on public property and so, in that case, you would find yourself needing to apply for a permit as you would for a public building that isn’t listed. 

Yes, you can erect scaffolding on a listed building!

So, in summary, yes you can erect scaffolding on listed buildings throughout the Norfolk area however you need to be sure that it is going to set up correctly and with care so as not to damage the buildings.

There are plenty of scaffolding companies in Norfolk that have experience in erecting scaffolding on listed buildings and will be the perfect fit for your project. 

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