Do You Need Scaffolding To Repair A Roof?

Are you wondering if you need scaffolding to repair a roof? The answer is; 'it depends'. Here's why...
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It’s not often that you find yourself having to repair your roof but when the moment does come it can end up being a logistical nightmare. And one of the biggest obstacles in trying to decide how you’re going to access or provide access so that the roof can be repaired. It usually comes down to two main options. 

Ladder or scaffolding to repair a roof?

The first being a ladder and the second being erecting scaffolding. Today we’re going to take a look at why scaffolding can be more the preferable options and the benefits of using scaffolding so that you can repair your roof.

Risk assessments will suggest scaffolding is best for fixing roofs

If the repair that is needed on the roof is major such as the replacement or repair of tiles then any industry-standard risk assessment will advise that you use scaffolding. And if this is the evaluation of that assessment then you will legally need to opt for scaffolding. When working at height scaffolding should always be the first choice.

Fixing a roof using scaffolding is safe and secure

 It puts less strain on workers giving them a safe platform to rest and work on and allows for them to navigate about the roof easier. With a ladder being set in one position it will continuously have to be moved to work on different areas of the roof. The main issue with this is time. Having to move the ladders is going to inevitably add more time to the project which can end up costing you more money.

Consider how long the roof repair will take

Another thing to take into account when deciding whether to opt for scaffolding is just how long the repair is going to take. If it is going to take more than more than a day then it’s almost always advisable to go for scaffolding. 

This is not only because it makes it easier for the people carrying out the work to climb up and down and navigate the building but also if the weathers not all that nice the elements can start to take a toll whereas scaffolding provides shelter for the platforms that the works will be navigating on.

If you speak to a scaffolding firm in Norwich they will be able to advise as to whether the repairs your roof need scaffolding and if so what setup of scaffolding is needed. This can apply to both domestic and industrial jobs. 

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